Comprehensive Dental Care Including Cosmetic Dentistry

At Lee Family Dentistry in Fort Washington, Maryland, we offer complete dental care services including cosmetic dentistry. Our doctors have studied and explored many of the different aspects of dental care. We provide treatment for any dental problems or concerns that you may experience. Self-pay patients get a discount on our services. The following is a quick list, but not all inclusive, of services our general dentists provide:
Man Smiling - Dental Care
   •  Crowns 
   •  Bridges 
   •  Tooth Whitening/Bleaching
   •  Prosthodontics 
   •  Plaque & Stain Removal
   •  Cosmetic Dentistry
   •  Veneers 
   •  Dentures

Implants (Implant Supported Crowns/ Dentures):

   •  Periodontics 
   •  Endodontics 
   •  Scaling/Root Planing 
   •  Wisdom Tooth Removal 
   •  Pulpotomy/Pulpectomy 
   •  Root Canal Re-Treatment
   •  Gum Grafting 
   •  Inlays/Onlays 
   •  Gingivectomy 
   •  Basic Dentistry 
   •  Bone Regeneration
   •  Root Canal Treatment
   •  Oral Surgery 
   •  Apicoectomy
   •  Crown Lengthening 
   •  Socket Preservation
   •  Tooth Extractions
   •  Osseous Recontouring

Caries Control:

   •  Pulpotomy 
   •  Pedodontics 
   •  Orthodontics 
   •  Cleanings/Exams/X-Rays 
   •  Deciduous Tooth (Baby Tooth) Extractions
   •  Tooth Alignment 
   •  Space Maintenance 
   •  Composite (White) Fillings & Amalgams 
   •  Palliative Emergency Care
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